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Guiding roller

Creates even layers of filament on the winding spool


Removable spool

You can create your filament and use this spool directly with your printer



Helps to move machine easily


Heating block & fun

In here plastic strip is plasticized, transformed and hardened into filament


Small spool

You can use it as a storage for previously prepared strips and feed the machine with it.


Cutting module 

Cutting plastic bottles was never easier, let the machine do it for you! 


the innovative machine that turns your plastic bottles into high-quality 3D printing filament!

PETmachine is the perfect solution for individuals and businesses looking to reduce their plastic waste while also creating unique and useful 3D printed objects. Simply collect your plastic bottles and feed them into the machine, which will shred and melt the plastic into a fine filament suitable for 3D printing.

This easy-to-use machine is designed with convenience in mind. Its compact size makes it easy to store and transport, and its user-friendly interface ensures that even beginners can use it with ease. The PETmachine is also highly efficient, able to process up to 1kg of plastic per hour, making it perfect for small to medium-sized production runs.

PETmachine is built to last, with durable and high-quality components that ensure long-lasting performance. It is also designed with safety in mind, with a built-in safety system that prevents overheating and other potential hazards.

By using PETmachine to create your own 3D printing filament, you can not only save money on purchasing filament but also do your part in reducing plastic waste. So why wait? Start creating your own unique 3D printed objects today with PETmachine!

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PETmachine Specifications

1.5 Litter Bottle
2.5 Litter Bottle
5 Litter Bottle
10 Litter Bottle
Grams of filament per Bottle
18 Grams
30 Grams
60 Grams
110 Grams
Meters of filament per Bottle
6 Meters
10 Meters
20 Meters
35 Meters
1 Meter per Minute
1 Meter per Minute
1 Meter per Minute
1 Meter per Minute

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